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Business Paper


We Energize People

We inspire people to stay healthy

Fitness apps are not something new. However, opening one and letting it track the outdoor activities simply cannot satisfy many health fanatics. There could be more of it. Instead of just running in circles and getting bored in a minute or two, people can stay on track for much longer thanks to a fitness app that monetizes every single step they take. Working out, with beFITTER’s core element - fitnessfi, is now a lot more enjoyable as the folks cherish a bigger ambition. It’s keeping fit to earn.

Don’t get us wrong, the earning aspect here doesn’t just refer to the monetary benefit. It’s the social benefit that we also aim for. beFITTER encourages regular exercise to tackle the problem of obesity and an unhealthy lifestyle, and more importantly, the lack of in-person interaction. What could be more tempting than getting out there, being adventurous, and making new friends via beFITTER’s Socialfi feature, and still reaping some well-deserved rewards? At the end of the day, we provide considerable benefits financially and socially to inspire our community to live their lives to the fullest.

We create a sustainable economy

Inflation is the process by which a currency like a dollar loses value over time. Like in the traditional economy, we don’t think that inflation with cryptocurrency or NFTs is always bad. At low, stable levels (especially at the beginning when apps have to attract early adopters), it encourages people to buy, thereby stimulating economic growth.

However, compared to the real world economy where central banks can print as much money as they want, sometimes for political reasons, there is a hard cap in place with beFITTER governance $FIU token. Regarding the $HEE token, even though it has unlimited supplies,

The beFITTER protocol has disinflationary measures that slow the rate of inflation over time. The main one is the burning mechanism that is transparently published in our Business Paper.

Above all, beFITTER makes FitnessFi rewards sustainable via SocialFi. While monetary rewards attract people to get started, it's the variety of social experiences that make them stay. Compete with friends, learn from fitness idols, or train effectively with live sessions of global sports champions!

We go carbon negative

Being responsible citizens, we sat down and thought about a business model that not only makes us stand out in the market but also directly contributes to society.

A legitimate question to ask is: What if we can combine boosting people’s well-being with reducing the amount of carbon emitted? There are a bunch of great ways to repay our planet Earth including planting or reusing, yet the best alternative is to offset the carbon footprint. Yes, curb it before it’s even born.

This motto substantially directs how we do things. By pursuing the green way of living our lives, we steadily touch up our product to make it engaging to mass users, including the non-crypto community. Since everyone can choose to walk, run, or cycle instead of driving a vehicle, everyone can earn a profit with our app, gain more health, and eventually discharge less greenhouse gas to the environment. beFITTER prides itself on fueling people to serve the good cause.

We respect your data privacy

What keeps us up at night is users’ concern about their data privacy. We acknowledge that information privacy is a fundamental right of individuals. Many even consider data secrecy the most serious consumer protection issue, as there is a growing number of cyber hacking cases that caused enormous and irreparable damage to the victims.

Been there, done that. We are consumers ourselves, and we insist on keeping our personal information private, too. Consequently, we the development team are determined to make every attempt to ensure the data shared by our users is only used for its intended purpose. Similar to how we aim at a sustainable economy and an everlasting rapport with our community, we are committed to protecting your data, at all costs.

We prioritize our community

40+ people behind this project have the routine of reflecting on how we can elevate community engagement, from in-app experience to social media communication. The ultimate goal is to keep the fire alive among those who already love us, and among those who will sooner or later find us and stay with us.

We’ve witnessed dozens of projects down because of not winning trust from their communities. beFITTER, on the other hand, is confident not to make the same mistake because we assembled some of the best talents in town who bring sanity into the game. We have you by our side because we’ve put in an excellent performance. It’s not an exaggeration. It’s a fact. The future is bright for us as we will continue to conquer new heights. And we are not going to trade our community for anything. That’s our spirit!